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Semi Truck Engine

Your semi-truck is more than a vehicle. It’s your livelihood. Keeping it on the road safely and efficiently is what allows you to keep food on the table. That’s why, when you need a new engine, it’s more than just a standard repair. You need an engine that will give your truck a new life without emptying your pockets at the same time. Have you thought about a used semi-truck engine?

Advantages of Buying a Used Semi Truck Engine

Your engine isn’t something you can afford to take chances with, and that’s why so many owners head straight for a new one. As it turns out, though, used semi-truck engines have more advantages and fewer risks than you might think.

1. Cutting Costs

The most obvious benefit of buying used is cost savings. Every dollar counts when you’re running a business, and a used engine can offer great value for your money. We offer a variety of heavy truck engines. These range in mileage and performance. However, we do offer used engines with lower mileage and many are no lower in quality than brand new engines. You’re getting the same great product for a far lower price.

2. Protecting the Environment

Environmental action is in demand everywhere today. People are especially looking to the transportation industry to take action because our industry is known for using fossil fuels. Buying a used semi-truck engine is a great way to do your part. When you buy a used engine, you keep one more engine out of the landfills. You also save the planet from the damaging process of manufacturing a new engine. On both ends of the life cycle, you’re making your truck more eco-friendly.

3. Uncompromised Reliability

Many drivers and owners worry that a used engine will be less reliable than a new one. In fact, the exact opposite is often true. If you buy your used engine from the right seller, though, it’s gone through an in-depth inspection. On top of that inspection, your engine has actually been on the road in the past, so it’s gone through a thorough road test before you get your hands on it.

How to Find Reliable Used Semi Truck Engines

When it comes to buying used semi-truck engines, the key to getting top quality is to find the right seller. That decision will make all the difference in your experience. Start with these tips to find a trustworthy seller you can work with time and time again.


1. Shop Based on Reputation

Detroit DieselAs you’re shopping for your engine, don’t begin by looking for just anyone who has a used dd15 engine or Cummins ISX engine for sale. Begin by finding the most reliable sellers first and then checking those sellers for the engine you need. You can find a list of engines online with us at Get recommendations from other owners who have bought used parts in the past. You can check Better Business Bureau ratings and online reviews. Our team at LKQ, for example, already had a long-standing reputation for used auto parts before we added our Heavy Truck division, and we’ve maintained our respected name since then as well. Check out our location reviews on Google.


2. Get the Warranty Details

A warranty is a critical part of shopping for a used truck engine. A seller could tell you all day long how perfect a particular engine is, but if they aren’t willing to stand behind it with a warranty, they could be blowing smoke. LKQ Heavy Truck has an industry-leading 6-month warranty on the major components. Crank, Block, Head, and catastrophic failures. We also have OSA’s that can be purchased with qualifying engines. The added coverage will help with potential labor costs and will add 6-12 months to the warranty.  Learn more about our program here.


3. Ask About Inspections

Another important criterion to use when you’re shopping for a used engine seller is the inspection. You can only know the engines are reliable if your seller puts each one through a rigorous inspection first. Ask the seller what their inspection process is and who performs it. The more extensive the inspection and the more knowledgeable the inspecting technician is, the better. We film our good used engines to show the customer how it ran and sounded for extra peace of mind.


4. Look for Variety

When it comes to used engines, you need options. It isn’t always easy to find engines with the exact specifications you want and need. Our team of part experts can help customers locate the proper engine or suitable replacement. We have the team and resources to research other alternative engines. If you’re shopping with sellers who only have a handful of engines, you may need to check half a dozen of them before you find what you need. Instead, keep your time short with LKQ Heavy Truck and choose a used engine seller with an expansive inventory. Our inventory includes options like Paccar engines, the Detroit Diesels such as the DD15 and DD13 engine, CAT engines options like the C15, the Cummins ISX engine, and much more.


5. Learn About the Preparation Process

If a seller is simply pulling an engine out of a truck and handing it to you, chances are that you won’t get great quality parts. Instead, find out the process your seller uses for preparing each engine for sale. For example, our team has a clear checklist of inspection points and steps we take with each engine. After a comprehensive inspection, we give each engine fresh fluids and new filters as well as repaint the engine to its factory-fresh beauty.


6. Find Knowledgeable Professionals

Finally, you need to make sure that the people who operate the seller’s business know what they’re doing. The team needs to have in-depth knowledge not only about vehicles but about semi-truck engines in particular. That should include not only the business leaders but the staff members selling you your engine. They need to be able to help you determine which engines are compatible with your truck’s other parts and to give you a pros-and-cons breakdown of your options.


Getting What You Need for Your Heavy Truck

Revitalizing your truck doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With a used semi-truck engine, you can get a reliable, safe engine at a far lower cost, all while protecting the environment. To find the engine that keeps you going, find an LKQ Heavy Truck location near you.

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