Truck Headlights and Lighting Your Rig

Truck Headlights


Truck headlights and lighting are an essential aspect of every heavy truck on the road. With the fall and winter right around the corner, the days are getting shorter, but your drive time does not always follow suit. That makes maintaining excellent visibility important, no matter what comes your way. Night drives, changing weather conditions, and wildlife can all be a cause for concern if you’re unable to see what’s in front of you properly. 


And while safety is the primary concern when it comes to visibility, there are also great lighting options out there to add some flare and excitement to your rig. Lighting doesn’t always get the attention from power-hungry gearheads, but a little customization with your heavy truck roof lights and running boards can turn your truck into an eye-catching nightrider in no time. 


Read on to find some excellent semi truck headlight and lighting solutions and other quality options to light up the road and your rig.

The Importance of Proper Visibility on the Road

Choosing the Right Truck Headlights

This topic doesn’t require much explanation, but it’s worth a quick reminder – proper visibility on the road is essential with safety in mind. Low-quality headlights and headlamps will limit not only how far ahead you can see on the road, but also your reaction time if you need to slow down or avoid any upcoming obstacle – from a broken down car to a herd of deer. That makes them critical for night drives, and when the weather takes a turn and affects visibility.  


Your truck headlights aren’t the only lights on your truck that help keep you safe. Tail lights let everyone on the road behind you see your rig from a distance while running lights can provide another safety measure for allowing other drivers to keep an eye on your rig when passing. 


Check all of your lights before heading out on a long haul drive. A simple walk around with the lights on will show you any bulbs that are out so you can replace them before getting on the road. One burned-out running light may not be an issue.  However, a headlight or tail light needs to be replaced immediately because of safety considerations and to avoid an easy ticket from lurking state troopers.

Truck Headlights and Lighting Recommendations


– Peterbilt 379 Headlight – The popularity of the Peterbilt 379 makes this rig a common sight on highways from coast to coast.  The truck headlights for the popular rig give you a stand-out performance at night and in poor weather conditions thanks to a bright and efficient halogen bulb.

Looking for Other Makes and Models?  Check out our truck headlights for:

Universal 19 Red LED 4” Reflector Stop, Turn & Tail Light – These universal stop, turn, and tail lights make a good option for just about any rig. Nineteen bright LED bulbs behind the red reflector will keep your rear visible from a distance.  Also, the 3-contact female terminal is easy to install. 

Stand Out and Make a Statement

Truck lighting may sound dull compared to other elements of your rig, but it certainly doesn’t have to. With some creativity and a little attention to detail, you can turn your heavy truck into a brightly adorned attraction.  Stand out and make a statement that will light up the road for miles. 


Roof or cab lights can add increased visibility.  Your rig needs these to comply with the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority regulations. These required lights can give your truck a unique appearance at night by outlining your cab.  It gives it a feel that is both eye-catching and essential. LED roof lights are always a good option as they are long-lasting and easy to install. 


Running board lights are another great way to add a bit of flash and flair to your truck.  A set of running board lights will make your vehicle stand out at night.  The ground beneath your cab glows while you drive by. Running board lights give off a sort of sci-fi appearance that is very eye-catching and unique. Plus, they are affordable and easy to install.  Thus, making them well worth the effort if you want some effortless added style.


LED running boards like these are again recommended for their reliable and efficient lighting, affordable price, and installation ease. This accessory lighting can help you step up into the cab in the dark as a bonus. 

Another way for additional lighting customization is to use an LED bar. You can place these lighting bars just about anywhere on your rig, allowing you to get creative and light it up with any desired design or practical considerations.

Truck Headlights Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for Peterbilt, Freightliner, or International, there are many truck headlight and lighting solutions.  Want to customize your rig to stand out bright in the night?  There are plenty of options available with some reliable recommendations found here. There is no denying the importance of quality lighting solutions with safety and regulations in mind. Still, a little effort put into additional options can increase visibility. Create a rig that’s sure to get you noticed by everyone on the road.       

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