Truck Driver Appreciation Week: Why Truckers Make the World Go Round.

September 12th through 18th is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! This week is a cause that is near and dear to our team’s hearts. As a team that works with truckers daily, we know firsthand that these incredible professionals are constantly overlooked for their work.


It’s easy to go about your daily life and forget the role truckers have played in making it all possible. So, in honor of Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we’re highlighting just a few of the reasons why truckers deserve our appreciation and respect.

Truckers Keep Countless Industries Running

Almost every industry in the world requires trucking to keep running. Most notably, every industry that sells physical goods needs truck drivers to transport those goods, from agriculture to electronics…even semi-truck parts!


Even most service industries need truckers at some point in the process. For example, professional cleaners need truckers to transport the cleaning products they use.  Your local city and municipalities need them for garbage collection and hauling asphalt to repair the roads.  The truck driving industry is truly the backbone of the world’s economy.

Truckers Connect Us with Life-Giving Essentials

We don’t just need truck drivers to supply us with the products we need at work. Many of the products they transport are truly life-and-death essentials.


For example, truck drivers transport clean water, especially to people in desert climates who would otherwise have a severe water shortage. Truckers also transport medications people need in order to survive, as well as nutritious food. In fact, it’s estimated that if truckers stopped operating, most grocery stores would start running out of food within three days.

Truckers Offer Access to a Variety of Products

All of us live in a climate that is great for certain products but not all. For example, if we didn’t have long-haul truckers, the only items we would have access to would be the items that could be fully produced in our local area.


Imagine how many fewer options you would have if you could only eat crops that were grown in your area or products manufactured in your hometown. In fact, truck drivers are a key reason why certain areas of the US, like desert regions and non-agriculture-friendly terrains, are now habitable.

Truckers Can Reduce Environmental Impact

The trucking industry is often criticized for carbon emissions and their impact on the planet. However, the fact is that heavy-duty trucks are continuously becoming more and more fuel-efficient. As electric trucks begin to jump into the market, we’ll be seeing even fewer carbon emissions, and truck drivers are working with these changes to help create a healthier planet for all.

Truckers Work Hard to Keep Drivers Safe

Traffic accidents are a severe risk to all of us that hit the roads daily. Truck drivers spend more time on the road than nearly anyone, and they spend extra time on top of this, making sure that they (and everyone around them) are safe.


Truck drivers take extra training courses and pass special certifications for safe driving. Their driving safety records are also under constant scrutiny to make sure that they are exemplary. In that respect, they are taking added steps to ensure that they are among the safest and most qualified drivers on the road.

Truckers Are Always Hard at Work

This is a fact that most people didn’t consider until the COVID-19 pandemic. While millions were working from home to stay safe during the pandemic, truck drivers didn’t miss a beat. They were on the roads working even harder than they usually would because they needed to transport critical PPE and other safety supplies on top of all their usual products.


This is what happens around the holidays too. While most people look forward to time off around the holidays to spend time with their families, truckers are hitting the pavement to make sure you get all the gifts and party supplies you need. Simply put, when the rest of the world is taking time off, truckers are still hard at work.

Truckers Do More Than Drive

Driving hours on end through traffic, bad weather, and challenging road conditions is hard work. However, few people realize how much additional work truck drivers do beyond driving.


For one, truck drivers have to maintain their trucks. They need to be prepared to become impromptu mechanics to resolve issues that can arise in the middle of the long haul. In the meantime, they’re responsible for ongoing maintenance to make sure those problems are fewer and further between.

       Celebrating Truck Driver Appreciation Week at LKQ Heavy Truck

At LKQ Heavy Truck, Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an important time of the year. We know how underappreciated truck drivers generally are, and we see and recognize how hard they work. Truck drivers play a critical role in all of our lives, from our health to our finances to our ability to simply go about our lives.


All of us at LKQ Heavy Truck are proud to serve these hard-working professionals day in and day out with the truck parts and essentials they need. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to say “thank you” to all the truck drivers out there who sacrifice their time and energy for us all. Your work saves lives and makes people’s daily needs possible, and we hope that you are celebrated with gratitude throughout this week.


If you’re a truck driver, look for an LKQ Heavy Truck location near you to find everything you need for your truck. After all, making your job a little easier is the least we can do in exchange for all that you do for us.

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