History of LKQ Heavy Truck Parts

Heavy Truck Parts

It Began With The Vision Of A Network Of Experts

Born from a drive to deliver superior service and constant quality, LKQ was founded in 1998 by a group of senior managers and longtime investors in the waste management industry. The company quickly became America’s largest automotive and light truck recycler, fulfilling a much-needed service to provide used and salvaged parts to customers across the country. LKQ Heavy Truck is now the industry leader in Class 3-8 Heavy Duty Truck Parts aftermarket, salvage, and specialty truck parts. The LKQ experience extends far beyond a world-class selection of heavy truck parts and stretches into the lives of every customer who comes our way. This commitment to excellence is incorporated into every aspect of LKQ’s business and is on full display every day, with every interaction between our company and our customers. The Like, Kind, and Quality that very literally define our brand is constantly reflected in and made possible by the understanding and experience gained through generations of knowledge in the industry.

Growing The LKQ Family

Ongoing progress fueled the need and desire for expansion. In 2008, LKQ entered the heavy-duty trucks and parts business and LKQ Heavy Truck was established. Evident from the start was an obvious ability to assist companies, fleets, and independent drivers with reliable and efficient quality parts and services to run their organizations and serve their customers efficiently. The initial success of this Heavy Truck division of the company was apparent and LKQ next focused on a series of acquisitions to further expand the brand. While some companies look to acquire other businesses in an attempt to secure their successes and eliminate competition, at LKQ Heavy Truck we have always had a different approach. We began acquisitions by seeking out big players and individuals such as Goody’s Truck Parts and LKQ Heavy Truck – Maryland who were leaders in the heavy trucks and parts industry. We also wished to connect with those who shared the vision of developing a national network to provide a large and diversified inventory of truck parts for customers across the globe. Relationships and partnerships with these companies were developed and maintained with multiple family-owned businesses becoming the heart of what LKQ stands for to this day.

Knowledge, Service, and Quality That Spans Generations

As LKQ Heavy Truck expanded to work side by side with newly acquired businesses, the ability to deliver quality service and a diverse assortment of parts grew right alongside. Companies such as Goody’s Truck Parts in Toledo, Ohio were started from the ground up by dedicated individuals who always strive to go above and beyond the needs of their customers. The appeal for LKQ to work with companies such as Goody’s was obvious on paper but also important in spirit.


By tapping into the invaluable knowledge and abilities that these 3rd and 4th generation family-run businesses possessed, LKQ became the preeminent leader in Heavy Duty Truck specialty and salvage parts, a distinction made possible thanks to the hard-working efforts of those who came before. The connections developed through partnering with such businesses provided the foundation for the future. The expertise and experience gained by working closely with these reliable and reputable business owners afforded not only an already established relationship with clientele but also a unique opportunity to meet further and exceed their needs. Consistent customer commitment is necessary for any smaller business to stand out. The acquisitions made by LKQ Heavy Truck were focused on key families in the trucking industry, and rather than simply buying these families out, the goal was to integrate their skills and expertise into an expanding operation. Many of these families are still involved with the organization today.

What We Do

Truck dismantlingToday, LKQ purchases vehicles and equipment from individuals, fleets, and companies. We feature major brands with the top engines in the industry such as Mack, Cummins, Ford, and Caterpillar. Each and every vehicle that arrives at a yard is meticulously inspected before being disassembled by one of our highly trained technicians to each component or repaired with new or OE parts for resale. Each part is then recorded and photographed before entering into our Nationwide Inventory system with an accurate listing of its description, condition, and quality grade. Everything goes through a full inspection before being available for sale including all engines, drivetrains, transmissions, and differentials. The diversity of LKQ products also extends beyond salvage parts with a large inventory of new OE and aftermarket performance and specialty lines available through Outlaw Customs and Platinum HD.

Locations Nationwide

Our current roster of LKQ Heavy Truck stores spans across the U.S. with each fully committed to helping customers on every and any unique need with integrity, teamwork, and professionalism. Whenever a customer chooses LKQ, they always get much more than just a truck part. They get a partner. A partner who will understand their business, their truck, and their family and guide them towards a decision and solution that affects their full operation, not just their current situation. We thrive on long relationships that go far above and beyond to help our customers succeed. No one knows their truck better than our customers and we want to provide them with quality parts and services to help their operation grow and keep their trucks on the road and at full operating capacity. The Like, Kind, and Quality model is the heart of our operations and made possible through the many valuable relationships with customers and family-run businesses developed over the years that ensure we can fulfill all of your heavy truck needs any time, any place, anywhere.

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