Meals for Truck Drivers and Staying Healthy

Healthy Meals for Truck Drivers

You love the truck life, from the long days cruising down the highway to the simple joy of dropping off a load. Your health may not love that life as much as you do, though.  Many find meals for truck drivers challenging. Trucking tends to be hard on your health for several reasons. You’re sitting in the same seat for … Read More

Over The Road Truck Driver Hobbies

hobbies for truck drivers

Let’s face it, over the road trucking is a hard job – but someone’s gotta do it. Many would argue the long hours and time away from home would be a deal-breaker for them. OTR truck drivers know all too well what it feels like being on the road for up to 14 hours at a stretch. Having time for … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Truck Drivers

New Years Resolutions for Truck Drivers

The holiday season can bring great joy alongside a healthy dose of stress from the in-laws, but either way, it’s always memorable. And with the new year quickly approaching, a fresh start is on many people’s minds and hearts across the country. This means it’s time for those annual New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s something small or incredibly ambitious, a … Read More