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For over 20 years, LKQ Heavy Truck  has been leading the industry in new, used, rebuilt, refurbished, and aftermarket medium and heavy duty truck parts. LKQ Heavy Truck radiators and cooling offers an extensive inventory of heavy duty radiators, condensers, charge air coolers, and more.

Having the appropriate heavy truck cooling systems and solutions is crucial for any truck owner. From making sure that all components are working properly to keeping your engine cool and running efficiently, you want the highest quality and most efficient cooling system. From cooling systems to radiators, LKQ Heavy Truck has you covered. We work closely with repair and body shops to ensure that all of our products, new and used, are at their highest quality. Need it shipped directly to you? No problem! We have several locations scattered throughout the country and we can ship internationally. 

Radiators, charge air coolers, and cooling systems help ensure the longevity of your heavy truck and keep your engine working in top notch condition. LKQ Heavy Truck is here to help you find the best radiator, condensers, charge air coolers, and more cooling parts so that we can get your heavy truck back on the road as soon as possible.

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Heavy Truck Cooling Solutions Brands

LKQ Heavy Truck is America's largest source for gently used, reconditioned, and rebuilt cooling solutions. Our large scale inventory combined with our extensive knowledge of all our brands means you can be confident that we’ll find you the perfect cooling solution. Including our Platinum HD line by Keystone, we carry aftermarket and salvage radiators, charge air coolers, condensers, and other semi truck cooling system parts for:

Keeping Your Heavy Truck Running

We thoroughly review and inspect each component so that you can feel confident in what you are buying. Our goal is to help you maintain your heavy truck from start to finish. We do this by working with you to help find the best cooling solution for you at the highest quality. Whether you need a new heavy truck radiator or a charge air cooler, we have you covered. When you combine our industry-leading service agreements and great warranty options, you will be confident that the cooling solution you buy will work for you. 

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