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Semi truck headlights are critical for any vehicle. If you worry about your truck equipment safety, there is a good chance that you worry about the brakes, tires, and semi truck parts mechanical parts, and fluids.

However, many don't consider semi truck headlights. The headlights or headlamps are the first impression of your grand truck. They are the parts that let you see ahead in dark conditions and let the other drivers know your exact location.

Tanking care of safety equipment is an essential part of your truck maintenance. However, like other truck drivers, you have no idea when to change the headlights

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Signs Your Semi Truck Headlights Needs Replacing

Most of the truck owners wait till the headlights burn out. This happens because the headlights gradually dim over time. This could result in low light on the road.

Here are some signs that indicate that your semi-truck headlights need replacement:

  • Refer to the owner’s manual to check the intervals recommended for your particular headlights. It’s advised to change them both at the same time.
  • If you feel that headlights are dim or inconsistent, this is a clear sign that you must replace them.
  • When there is dirt in the light or the lenses are cloudy, this indicates that you need a new pair of headlights.
  • It is best to replace the whole assembly of headlights rather than replacing the bulb.

It’s Time To Change Your Dim Headlight.

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Semi-Truck Headlamps

    The good news is that we – LKQ Heavy Truck is a place where you can buy semi-truck headlights or lights available in various designs and brands.
    We offer headlights range from Peterbilt Headlights, Peterbilt 379 Headlights, Volvo Headlights, Freightliner Headlights (Cascadia and Columbia Lines), Kenworth, and International.

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    Why Should You Buy Semi-Truck Headlights With LKQ Heavy Truck?

    Changing your semi-truck headlights might consume time. So, it is necessary to know your model before you change them. We have brands like Trux Accessories and United Pacific Industries that offer the best headlights in town.

      Ordering from LKQ Heavy truck is a three simple step process:
      2.We will search your part
      3.Delivery direct to your location, body shop, or repair shop

      We carry parts for:

      • Peterbilt 379, 359, and more models
      • Volvo
      • Freightliner
      • Kenworth
      • International
      • or any other semi-truck headlights; we will find it for you and deliver it in a hassle-free way.

      Moreover, you’ll get these features too:

      • On-Time Delivery: We already have major parts and lights in our stock, so we offer fast delivery.
      • Best Prices: Whether you want a repair or replace any spare part, we offer the best prices in the market.
      • Peace of Mind: We will take all your strain away. The parts are tested through various processes, which makes them last longer.

      Lastly, if you need fog lights, LED, interior, and taillights, give us a call, and we will get back to you with good news.

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