Semi Truck Cab Organization Tips

Semi Truck Cab Organization

Life on the road can quickly catch up in your semi truck cab.  Even the most organized and experienced semi-truck drivers out there can become disorganized. Limited space in your cab— combined with personal belongings and anything you pick up along the way— can cause clutter. It’s common to get overwhelmed with an abundance of stuff, essential or otherwise.  However, it can be just as easy to keep your cab clean and in line.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some easy ways to keep your heavy truck cab organized while on the road.

Compartmentalize the Clutter in Your Semi Truck Cab

This first tip might sound like a bit of unwarranted advice from a therapist. In reality, taking a very literal approach to compartmentalizing your cab can keep you organized on the road. Utilize your glove box, console, and any other space already built into your cab to keep clutter contained rather than floating around randomly. Try to do this with a structure in mind. One location can be for certain items you use very often, such as chargers, pens, and snacks. Another could be for small but important maintenance items like a tire pressure gauge, maintenance or travel log, or GPS accessory. 


If you run out of room in any or all of your rig’s built-in compartments, consider purchasing an additional organizer, bin, or other product that can keep your semi-truck cab from becoming a chaotic black hole. This Cab Commander can turn the passenger seat into an accessible and very organized extra compartment. It comes with plenty of pockets of varying sizes to hold any range of randomness and is well-designed and durable. Additionally, this collapsible truck organizer will give you additional storage and organization when you need it but can fold up and easily stow out of the way when not in use.

Use Mounts to Manage the Mess

Another easy way to gain the upper hand on cab organization is to use mounts.  These are also known as docks.  They can help manage the mess. By utilizing any number of mounts designed for mobile devices, you can keep them in an easy-to-reach location. Thus, also reducing the amount of stuff you have scattered around the cab. This tip can go a long way towards reducing a messy cab while promoting safety, as you shouldn’t be reaching for a phone or GPS unit across the cab while you’re on the road. 


There are many mounting options available, from simple to elaborate – many of which you can find at truck stops across the country. If you are looking for a simple mounting solution to keep your phone nearby when you’re behind the wheel, check out the iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Mount. This option has a universal fit that can stick onto a dashboard or windshield with ease. If you have a larger device that you want to keep secure and out of the way, such as a tablet, take a look at this Tablet Holder with a seat rail/floor mount bolt that features a 28-inch flexible steel coil neck. 


Regardless of what type of device you want to mount, make sure that the option you purchase is size-compatible and will hold it in place safely and securely.

Tools in Your Semi Truck Cab

Every trucker likes to have their most needed and useful tools easily accessible. During a long-haul, these can quickly get scattered around and ruin any attempt you’ve made at truck cab organization. A toolbox is an obvious solution to this issue.  The key here is remembering that organizing comes from the inside out. If you have a well-organized toolbox in your semi-truck cab, you’ll have instant access when you need it.  Also, it helps stay ahead of keeping the inside of your rig organized, especially when dealing with repairs and upkeep. 


A simple toolbox might suffice if you don’t require a lot of tools or want to save on space. A heavier-duty toolbox can be more durable and is an excellent option if you ever want to move or store it in a different location when you’re not on the road. You can find a toolbox in just about any size, so get one that has enough space for all of your tools but still fits easily inside the cab. 


Trash Collection 101

You can use all of the products and tips above and still have a problem with truck cab organization.  Make sure to have some sort of system to collect trash.  Small amounts of trash can add up quickly. This can be from food wrappers to empty drinks to anything else you use or consume on the road. This can turn even a well-organized semi-truck cab into a pigsty if not kept under control. In-cab trash collection is a must for every driver, and chances are, you already have your system in place. If not, you can easily attach a grocery bag to an armrest and dispose of it at the end of a drive. You can also use a trash can designed to fit in your cab for a more permanent solution.

Semi Truck Cab Final Thoughts

A little effort goes a long way when it comes to truck cab organization. Neglecting this vital aspect of life on the road can cause unnecessary stress and worry.  By utilizing the tips found here, you can keep everything in your semi-truck cab organized.


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