Semi Truck Accessories and Chrome Guide

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Many things go into keeping your rig in great shape while it rolls down the road. From engine parts to semi-truck accessories, experienced truckers know that paying attention to the details results in better performance, less worry, and limited downtime. And once you have all your bases covered with your truck running solid, a focus on personalization can bring an element of style that’s sure to get noticed and can put a smile on your face. 

What’s one easy way that every new trucker can add instant customization to their big rig?

Chrome Semi Truck Accessories 

The old classic metal styling has been the standard for decades, and it’s no wonder why. In other words, there’s something that makes a heavy truck chrome bumper on a big rig pop. Fellow drivers notice its stoic glimmer leading the charge over the horizon like the figurehead of a landlocked ship. The shine and sparkle of the right chrome package is hard to ignore. 


A valley chrome bumper can turn your truck into an instant classic, but that’s not the only option for taking advantage of this metal’s allure. Here is a quick guide to everything chrome to help new, and old truckers alike, take advantage of the many options available when it comes to “chromin’” out your truck and for getting the best semi-truck accessories for your rig.

The Old Standard – Valley Chrome Bumpers

For anyone new to chrome and its applications, a bumper is tried and true. It’s simple and effective. Basically, it looks great and always will. And that’s what makes it the old standard of chrome used on a big rig. If you are a new trucker looking for a good option, check out the choices available from Valley Chrome


Valley Chrome bumpers are made in America and are built to last, making them a preferred choice for heavy-duty truck bumpers. These bumpers are available in many different sizes, with options for just about any truck on the highway. If you want a basic chrome package on your rig, you’ll want to start with one of these and to keep customizing from there.

More Semi Truck Accessory Options

You can equip your rig with a chrome semi-truck bumper and call it a day. The bumper will look great and make for an effective front guard while also adding a flawless classic style. But if you’re looking to explore all of the ways you can chrome out and accessorize a semi-truck, there are some fantastic options available that go beyond the basic semi-truck bumper. A little creativity and a look into what semi-truck accessories are available on the market can give you a chance to make your rig stand out. 


Chrome Fenders – These add a hefty dose of extra chrome to your truck’s appearance. There is something about chrome fenders that scream, “road style.” Chrome fenders provide a great focus on your tires while making them shine – day or night. You can chrome out your heavy truck with quarter, half, single-axle, or double-axle chrome fenders. And don’t forget a mounting tube to hold them in place.


Chrome Semi-truck ToolboxEvery trucker needs a toolbox, and a chrome toolbox is another way to add that classic style and shine to your rig’s exterior. You can chrome out a step-up toolbox by buying a chrome box or adding a chrome cover. Both of these will give it some extra pop. If you have a toolbox in another location on your rig, consider adding a chrome lid there as well.  


Chrome Battery BoxSimilar to toolboxes, and often one and the same, a battery box is another element of your rig you can turn to chrome. A step-side chrome battery box is convenient and classy.  Furthermore, this box provides another option for you to touch things up with polished metal. 


Chrome Wheels and Hubs – Pay attention to the smaller details.  Semi-truck accessories can add an extra element of chrome customization to your truck. For instance, a finishing touch of many chrome lovers is wheels and hubs. Both give you eye-catching detail with little effort. Pairing a heavy chrome bumper with a set of chrome wheels and hubs is a great entry-level chrome kit.  You can build on this as your budget and experience behind the wheel grow.


Chrome Semi-truck Hood Ornaments – No chromed-out rig would be complete without a chrome hood ornament to match.  Your options here are almost unlimited. For example, you can keep it simple with a classic design or get creative with your favorite mascot or figure. Chrome hood ornaments are available at any of our LKQ Heavy Truck Locations and will give you the perfect cap to your rig.


Truck drivers of all varieties can take advantage of the look and touch of chrome. Whether you want to keep it simple with the timeless chrome bumper or deck out your rig from hitch to hood ornament with as much metal as possible, pay attention to the suggestions above.  You’ll be well on your way to a tricked out rig.


Looking for heavy truck bumpers? LKQ can get you paired with the perfect fit.  Find top truck part brands, including Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Volvo, and more. Get in touch with us today. 



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