Engine Maintenance: Keeping Your Cool This Summer

Engine Maintenance

For many businesses, their trucking fleet is their lifeline. Without trucks being in good (and safe) working order, business as you know it can come to a grinding halt. What’s more, bottlenecks caused by truck failure or issues can have a ripple effect throughout your business, from supply chain delays to dissatisfied customers. And while no one can predict when … Read More


Eaton Fuller RTLO18918B Transmission

Replace your tired underperforming 10 speed transmission, with an NEW Eaton-Fuller RTLO18918B 18 speed transmission. No upcharge for the core with LKQ Heavy Truck. The Eaton-Fuller RTLO18918B speed transmission is built strong and easy to use. Versatility is by far the best attribute, always having the right gear to keep the engine running at the correct RPM, to save fuel, … Read More