New Year’s Resolutions for Truck Drivers

New Years Resolutions for Truck Drivers

The holiday season can bring great joy alongside a healthy dose of stress from the in-laws, but either way, it’s always memorable. And with the new year quickly approaching, a fresh start is on many people’s minds and hearts across the country. This means it’s time for those annual New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s something small or incredibly ambitious, a little commitment or change of habit can lead to positive results in your life.

Owner-operators, or truck drivers in any capacity, have a job that comes with a unique set of circumstances and challenges. The same route over and over again might have you bored at the wheel, and long nights all alone might have you longing for family time. Here are some easy ideas to give you a fresh round of resolutions this year to get things started on the right route or at least a different one.


Focus on the Family

A typical New Year’s resolution for anyone often involves their family. For truck drivers, this can be a great starting point.  Time on the road means more time alone.  As a result, you are away from the family more.  A family-focused resolution could be taking extra vacation time this year to do something special with the kids.  It can also be dedicating the days you do have at home to doing more activities that bring everybody happiness. A little effort goes a long way here. If you can’t take more time off the road, making the most of your time at home is a solid resolution. 


Customize Your Rig New Year’s Resolution

There are different types of New Year’s resolutions – those you make for others and those you make for yourself. I’d always suggest committing to both of these.  Since we covered the family above, it’s time to make one for you. If you are involved with owner-operator trucking, it’s time to talk about customizing your rig. The possibilities are endless here. Thus, by spending a little extra time and effort decking out your semi truck to your liking, you’ll enjoy the long hours and days you spend inside of it. A small touch such as a new CV or GPS unit works here, or you can go big and get a full chrome package or performance upgrade. Treat yourself; you deserve it. LKQ Heavy Truck makes upgrading easy and affordable by offering you used heavy truck parts at a fraction of their retail price.


Make Movement Matter

When you’re on the road, you’re on the move. But the movement resolution to consider this year is based around your health and well-being. An exercise-based New Year’s resolution is ordinary, but there is a reason so many people make this one every year – it’s easy and effective. You don’t need to go crazy, but you should commit to a little more movement after long hours behind the wheel. Go on a walk or a run. Do a few pushups or jumping jacks each time you stop. Your body and mind will thank you for it.


Finish the New Year’s Resolutions Route

You wouldn’t quit a driving route before its planned end, would you? You should approach New Year’s resolutions the same way. It’s easy to give up on them after a few weeks. Hold yourself accountable.  You’ll be able to make improvements for you or your loved ones that will have a lasting effect. 


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