Heavy Truck Maintenance: The Most Common Replacement Parts for a Class 8 Semi

Heavy Truck Maintenance Common Parts

Every good truck driver knows that driving is only part of the job. Heavy truck maintenance such as cleaning, and tuning up your rig is a core responsibility, not an afterthought.  After all, you can only handle as much work as your truck can.  Keeping your semi on the road protects your livelihood.

No matter how well you care for your truck there will be parts that are due for a replacement. Part of keeping up with your heavy truck maintenance and budgeting for repairs includes knowing what to expect and knowing what parts may need more attention than others.

Let’s talk about replacements in particular. What are the parts you’ll need to replace most often on your class 8 semi?

Most Commonly Replaced Parts for a Class 8 Semi

Luckily, major parts (and more expensive parts) don’t need replacements often if you’re keeping your rig in good shape. Regardless of what you do, though, these top parts below will need to be updated occasionally.  Add them to your heavy truck maintenance schedule.

Lights and Related Parts

Despite advances in LED technology, bulbs still only last so long. Headlight and taillight housings can also be broken easily by rocks and road debris. This is why it’s so helpful to have spare light components on the road with you so you can replace them and get safely back on the road when the need arises.

Heavy Truck Maintenance:  Brakes

Of course, brake pads will wear down and need replacing often on your semi. Other parts of the brake mechanism are also among the most commonly replaced semi-truck parts, though.

Your exact mileage will depend on many factors.  This may include your truck’s amount and type of usage, the weather patterns you face, and more.  Still, it helps to keep an eye on the average mileage your particular truck seems to get out of a set of brake pads on your usual route.  Then, you will know when a replacement may be on the horizon.


Clutches gradually wear down in any manual transmission, but unsurprisingly, they wear down far more quickly in a class 8 semi than a sporty two-seater car. That’s true for essentially any part of your transmission, but particularly the clutch. The clutch’s lifespan will largely depend on your heavy truck maintenance routine, but regardless, keep watch over your clutch to see when it’s past its prime and due for a replacement.

What to Do When You Need a New Part for Your Heavy Truck Maintenance

During your heavy truck maintenance routine, if you discover it’s time to replace any (or all) of the parts above on your class 8 semi, there’s one way to make sure you’re getting a quality part and an economical price: to have a go-to seller of reliable used truck parts.

Our team at LKQ Heavy Truck gives each part a thorough inspection.  Parts specialists do rebuilding or refurbishing it as necessary, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a trusted part without overpaying for it. Search for your used truck parts today to get back on the road safely.


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