Gifts for Truck Drivers this Holiday

gift ideas for truck drivers

Who doesn’t love the holidays? They’re full of positivity, hope for the new year ahead, and opportunities to reconnect with friends and family members. Of course, there are downsides too, like the stress of finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. 


If one of the people on your list is a truck driver, you’re in luck. Check out these top gift ideas for truck drivers, from hood ornaments to entertainment on the road. 

Hands-Free Headset Gifts for Truck Drivers

You love staying in touch with the trucker in your life while they’re on the road, but it’s difficult with the laws against phone usage for commercial drivers. You can give your trucker a gift that keeps them safe and on the right side of the law while staying in touch. 


A hands-free headset lets a driver take calls, listen to music, and handle anything else on their phone without putting themselves at risk. These headsets come in many price ranges so you can choose the best one for your budget. 

Travel Safe 

Traffic isn’t the only risk while your loved one is on the road. When they take a bathroom break, check into a hotel, or perform maintenance on the truck, their valuables could be in danger. 


That’s why a travel safe is one of the top gifts for truckers. These safes are small enough to transport but they can be secured to a part of the truck. This way, a driver can keep their valuables safe and out of sight no matter where they are.

Hood Ornaments and Other Truck Accessories

What does a trucker love more than their truck? Not much. For a gift they’ll remember forever, you can help them soup up their rig with hood ornaments and truck accessories.


Check out a location near you for unique customizations your trucker will love. From hood ornaments to cabin décor, there are options for anyone. 

Satellite Radio

Listening to the radio is tough on the road because a trucker is constantly driving in and out of different broadcast zones. To give them more options and allow them to stop changing stations every hour, consider giving them the gift of satellite radio.


A satellite radio subscription lets them access a wide range of stations and hear any genre of music they want. Better yet, the broadcast will remain crisp and clear no matter where their journey takes them. 

Truck-Themed Gear 

A truly proud trucker wants to show off their occupation wherever they go. What better way to do that than with customized gear and gifts for truckers? 


There are shirts, travel mugs, hats, water bottles, hood ornaments, and more with trucker-themed artwork. Your loved one can wear their career with pride even when they’re off the job. 

Power Bank 

Keeping phones and other electronics charged isn’t always easy when you’re spending day after day on the road. One simple gift can make a world of difference for a truck driver: a power bank. 


A power bank is a portable accessory that stores electricity. You can use it to charge a phone, tablet, and in some cases even a laptop without an outlet in sight. 

Electric Blanket

Today’s cabs are outfitted with a mattress and all the basic essentials a trucker needs. At the same time, though, every trucker has dealt with more than one cold night on the road or drafty hotel room. 


In your search for gift ideas for truck drivers, you can solve that problem with an electric blanket. Make sure it has multiple settings so your trucker can choose the warmth they want. 


Ideally, look for a blanket that is battery-powered. If you can’t find one, an electric blanket with a long cord also makes it easier for your loved one to find an outlet no matter where they snuggle in. 


What do you do if you have a trucker in your life who also loves to read? You find a way for them to “read” on the road, of course.


Buy some audiobooks your loved one might enjoy. If you aren’t sure what they like, you could give them a gift card to a service where they can download audiobooks, like Audible. 


If you’re the type who likes to give multi-piece gifts for truckers, an audiobook or gift card is the perfect complement to a hands-free headset. 

Ergonomic Cushions 

Let’s be honest: the human body wasn’t designed to sit in one place for hours on end. For this reason, it’s common for truckers to develop back pain, neck pain, leg pain, and other similar aches. 


If you want more practical gift ideas for truck drivers, look no further than ergonomic cushions. There are many options designed for truckers: seat cushions, lumbar support cushions, neck cushions, and more. 

Portable Refrigerator Gifts for Truck Drivers

You want to give that special truck driver everything you can to make their time on the road more comfortable. As many truckers will tell you, sometimes the little things like a refreshingly cold drink or fresh food can make all the difference. 


That’s why they’ll be thrilled when you give them a portable refrigerator. These appliances are smaller than mini-fridges and great for long-haul truckers. They’re compact enough to fit in the cab but large enough to hold fresh food or your truck driver’s favorite drinks.


As an added bonus, this type of fridge is portable enough that a driver can even take it into a hotel if they choose. There’ll be no more lukewarm soda from the cooler to put disappointment into their drive.

Finding the Best Gifts for Truck Drivers

The holiday season is so much sweeter when you have gifts you’re truly excited to give. Start with gifts made with your loved one in mind.


From hood ornaments to seat cushions, any of the gifts above for truckers are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face. You can start shopping now for truck parts and accessories by finding a LKQ Heavy Truck location near you.



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