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No matter how large or small your fleet might be, reliability is the name of the game. The more often your trucks need repairs, the more your business will suffer. How do you keep that downtime to a minimum?  Your heavy truck transmission is one of the most critical parts you need to keep an eye on if you want to keep your trucks on the road. In fact, there are several ways your fuller heavy-duty transmission maintenance can have an impact on your business.

The Importance of Transmission Maintenance

As you and your truck drivers are pushing to meet your customers’ delivery goals, it’s easy for essential maintenance to end up on the back burner. If that happens, you’re putting both your drivers and your profits at risk.


Protecting Your Pocket


Your transmission is among the most expensive parts in the truck, so you don’t want to take shortcuts when it comes to quality. Proper maintenance is the best way to make that happen.

For instance, merely maintaining proper fluid levels in your transmission can prevent major problems. If you’re getting under the hood and maintaining your fuller transmission regularly, you’re also more likely to notice problems early before they get worse. This could mean the difference between a simple repair and a full rebuild.  For more information and technical details of the fuller RTLO18918B speed transmission, see our post here.


Enhancing Everyone’s Safety


Trucking can be a risky business, and your top priority is always safety. Protect your drivers and keep everyone on the road safe too.

When you don’t maintain your 18-speed transmission, it can lead to sudden unexpected failures.  Your drivers are barreling down a busy highway.  A failure would be critically dangerous. The best way to protect everyone is by maintaining your transmission and other parts.  Then, failures are less likely to happen at all.


Building a Professional Reputation


Your reliability is a huge factor when customers are considering giving you their business. Every time your trucks need to come off the road for repairs, it creates more downtime and lowers your reliability.

Proper maintenance, on the other hand, will reduce both the number and severity of repairs you need to make. That means more time on the road, better reliability, and more customers as a result.


Top Maintenance Tips for a Reliable Eaton Fuller Transmission

Heavy Truck Transmission MaintenanceProtecting your drivers, minimizing repairs, and filling your pocket all sound great, but how do you make them happen? Stick to these maintenance tips for your fuller heavy-duty transmission.


1. Get a High-Quality Transmission from the Start


Buying a used or rebuilt transmission is a common way to save money, but it can either be the best or worst financial decision you make. It all comes down to the quality of the part.

If you buy a poorly built or poorly-inspected transmission, you’ll spend that part’s entire life playing catch-up, fixing one issue after another. In the end, it could cost you more than you would’ve paid for a new transmission.

Every one of our transmissions, on the other hand, go through an intensive inspection process to ensure that every aspect of the part is running smoothly. You get the best of both worlds: the price of a used transmission with the reliability you’d normally only find from new parts.

Keep in mind that you aren’t limited to the transmission suppliers in your local area. For example, our team exports our high-quality parts around the world, from South America to Africa. When it comes to a quality transmission that will last, you don’t need to compromise.


2. Know the Problem Areas


Looking for leaks and problems should be a consistent part of your drivers’ inspections. However, those inspections will be more effective if your drivers know where to look.

Educate your drivers about the most common transmission issues they may see and how to detect them. For example, leaks are especially common in the main output shaft seal, so make sure your drivers pay special attention to that area. This makes it more likely that your drivers will spot problems in their early stages so you can make repairs before the issues become more severe.


3. Pay Attention to the Air


If you truly want your fuller transmission to have a longer life, you need to look beyond the transmission itself. The air system in your truck will have a greater influence on your transmission than you may realize.

Your transmission needs clean air to keep working efficiently, so be sure to inspect and maintain the air system on a regular basis too. Simple filter changes can extend the life of your transmission and save you thousands in repairs.


4. Require Prompt Reporting


Your drivers have goals to meet, so understandably, they don’t want to get off the road for repairs any more often than necessary. However, if they ignore problems that seem minor or isolated, it could lead to far greater issues down the line.

Set clear expectations for your drivers to report any issues right away, including shifting difficulties and anything that could indicate a problem with the transmission. Have an easy way for them to report those issues too, like an online form or a hotline they can call.


5. Follow the Fuller Transmission Manual to a Tee


When a manufacturer writes the manual for your 18-speed transmission, they include every detail for a reason. This includes the maintenance guidelines.

Follow your fuller transmission’s manual to a tee regarding the maintenance.  This includes following the inspection and oil change intervals that they recommend. If your transmission is under warranty, following the manual is often a condition of keeping the warranty valid too.


Taking Care of Your Eaton Fuller Heavy-Duty Transmission


18 Speed TransmissionsThe best transmission repair is one that doesn’t have to happen, and the best way to cut down on your repairs is to maintain your fuller transmission properly. With the tips above, you can keep your fuller heavy-duty transmission on the road longer to help your business thrive.

To take the first step by finding a truly high-quality used transmission shop LKQ Heavy Truck today, wherever you’re located.

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