CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week 2022

There is no denying that business is booming for the trucking industry, which includes both the drivers and the teams working behind the scenes. Unfortunately, it’s also a fact that the number of people killed in large truck crashes increased by 36% in 2021 compared to 2009. The impact of this number, when considering how many safety features and advancements … Read More

Preparing for Spring Trucking: It’s That Time Again!

It’s officially spring trucking time! Maybe your truck has been in storage all winter long. Maybe you followed our tips and winterized your truck in preparation for the cold weather. Either way, it’s time to spring forward and get it back on the road in top condition! But, if you hit the road without first taking care of a few … Read More

The Importance of Truck Drivers: Avoiding Chaos in the Trucking Industry 

The importance of the trucking industry to the United States cannot be over-emphasized. It is one of the largest sources of revenue to the nation’s economy and was responsible for transporting over 72% of all goods in the U.S. in 2020. The trucking industry alone generated over $732.7 billion in revenue, representing 80.4% of the nation’s freight bill in 2020. … Read More

The Future of Trucking: Top Things You Should Know

Electric semi-truck charging

Electric trucks and autonomous driving systems have taken the industry by storm. Although most of us are excited about the future of trucking, some could be concerned about losing jobs to automation and other trucking innovations. Well, lucky for you, today’s post explains why you may not have to be worried at all! In addition, you’ll learn about all the … Read More

A Complete Guide To Winterizing Your Heavy Truck

The winter months tend to bring a few extra challenges that weren’t necessarily present during the rest of the year. Especially for winter trucking. Driving through the bitter cold, snow, ice, and other winter weather conditions can be hazardous to your safety and make even the best drivers susceptible to distractions while out on the road. Whether you have a … Read More

Used Semi Truck Transmissions vs. Rebuilt Semi Truck Transmissions

Used Versus Rebuilt Transmission

Why do some drivers prefer a used transmission or a rebuilt one compared to a new one?  Your truck is your business —and your livelihood. When something goes awry, it’s costing you money from two different angles: making the repair and waiting for that repair to be finished. It’s no wonder why so many drivers and trucking companies are looking … Read More

Semi Truck Cab Organization Tips

Semi Truck Cab Organization

Life on the road can quickly catch up in your semi truck cab.  Even the most organized and experienced semi-truck drivers out there can become disorganized. Limited space in your cab— combined with personal belongings and anything you pick up along the way— can cause clutter. It’s common to get overwhelmed with an abundance of stuff, essential or otherwise.  However, … Read More

Meals for Truck Drivers and Staying Healthy

Healthy Meals for Truck Drivers

You love the truck life, from the long days cruising down the highway to the simple joy of dropping off a load. Your health may not love that life as much as you do, though.  Many find meals for truck drivers challenging. Trucking tends to be hard on your health for several reasons. You’re sitting in the same seat for … Read More

Heavy Truck Maintenance for Spring

heavy truck maintenance for spring time

It’s time to start thinking of heavy truck maintenance.  Winter is often the season when people appreciate you and your heavy truck the most. You’re delivering all their holiday shopping as well as the other items they’re buying online so they don’t have to brave the weather to take a trip to the store. As much as customers need you … Read More