Preparing for Spring Trucking: It’s That Time Again!

It’s officially spring trucking time! Maybe your truck has been in storage all winter long. Maybe you followed our tips and winterized your truck in preparation for the cold weather. Either way, it’s time to spring forward and get it back on the road in top condition! But, if you hit the road without first taking care of a few … Read More

A Complete Guide To Winterizing Your Heavy Truck

The winter months tend to bring a few extra challenges that weren’t necessarily present during the rest of the year. Especially for winter trucking. Driving through the bitter cold, snow, ice, and other winter weather conditions can be hazardous to your safety and make even the best drivers susceptible to distractions while out on the road. Whether you have a … Read More

Truck Headlights and Lighting Your Rig

Truck Headlights

  Truck headlights and lighting are an essential aspect of every heavy truck on the road. With the fall and winter right around the corner, the days are getting shorter, but your drive time does not always follow suit. That makes maintaining excellent visibility important, no matter what comes your way. Night drives, changing weather conditions, and wildlife can all … Read More

Used Semi Truck Transmissions vs. Rebuilt Semi Truck Transmissions

Used Versus Rebuilt Transmission

Why do some drivers prefer a used transmission or a rebuilt one compared to a new one?  Your truck is your business —and your livelihood. When something goes awry, it’s costing you money from two different angles: making the repair and waiting for that repair to be finished. It’s no wonder why so many drivers and trucking companies are looking … Read More

Heavy Truck Maintenance for Spring

heavy truck maintenance for spring time

It’s time to start thinking of heavy truck maintenance.  Winter is often the season when people appreciate you and your heavy truck the most. You’re delivering all their holiday shopping as well as the other items they’re buying online so they don’t have to brave the weather to take a trip to the store. As much as customers need you … Read More

Semi Truck Accessories and Chrome Guide

heavy truck chrome

Many things go into keeping your rig in great shape while it rolls down the road. From engine parts to semi-truck accessories, experienced truckers know that paying attention to the details results in better performance, less worry, and limited downtime. And once you have all your bases covered with your truck running solid, a focus on personalization can bring an … Read More

Engine Tuning: Improving Performance and Your Wallet

Engine Performance

The importance of proper engine maintenance cannot be stressed enough. Preventative measures and scheduled upkeep can save you thousands in the long run.  Neglecting or overlooking engine tuning can cause an array of problems.  The problems can be poor performance and a shortened engine lifespan. When it comes to heavy truck engines, maintenance becomes even more essential.  Long hauls and … Read More

Fuller Transmission Upgrade-RTLO18918B

Eaton Fuller Transmission

Your truck requires a transmission that is reliable, versatile, efficient, and safe. The Eaton-Fuller RTLO18918B speed transmission is built for the job. This model of fuller is strong, adaptable, and easy to use.  It is the right gear to keep the engine running at the correct RPM, save fuel, help increase semi-truck engine longevity.  Most of all, it will help … Read More