2022 CVSA International Road Check

Road Check Sign and Truck Wheels

Take a minute to analyze the transportation sector, you’ll find that it heavily relies on roadside inspections. Roadside inspections ensure that truck drivers operate safely while driving and follow the rules on the road. Anytime drivers get on the road with a truck, they should be prepared for the road check. Specifically, the CVSA International Road Check program boosts the awareness of truck inspections.


The main objective of this program is to decrease truck accidents by letting the industry and truck drivers know about the potentially dangerous vehicles running on the road. If you’re interested in learning more about the CVSA International Road Check, this guide will be extremely helpful for you.

What Is CVSA


Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, also known as CVSA, is a non-profit organization that is made up of representatives from the Federal government, fleet owners, local officials, and transportation officials. By offering proper direction and information to industry executives, lawmakers, and law enforcement officers, the alliance seeks to strengthen driver and vehicle safety.

History Of CVSA


Understanding the history of this non-profit organization is important. CVSA was founded in 1980, with the goal of bringing standardization to heavy truck policing. A memorandum agreement was signed, laying out the criteria for out-of-service vehicles and required inspections for those vehicles. The result – the individuals who adhered to this new agreement experienced a few collisions.


By 1982, employees of non-government organizations aspired to be a part of this vehicle safety alliance. They then established their annual Road Check event in 1988. During this event, the CVSA inspectors conducted roadside examinations. The alliance had grown to include nations such as Canada and Mexico by 1991.

Purpose Of CVSA
International Road Check


This international event takes place over three days each year, during the month of May. During this event, inspectors certified by CVSA perform enforcement, compliance, and various instructional programs that aim at different aspects of driver safety and vehicle safety. Since 1988, certified inspectors for this CVSA event have conducted almost 1.6 million inspections.


Government organizations, such as the Ministry of Communication and Transport, FMCSA, and more, participate in this international event. In short, you could suggest to anyone wanting to educate themselves about the significance of roadside inspections and commercial vehicle operation safety, that studying the CVSA International Road Check event is a great starting point.

What Will Be Inspected
During This Event?


Basically, inspectors focus on the North American Level 1 Inspection during this road check event. This process consists of 37 steps. Find the full list and details of those steps here.


During the level 1 or level 5 inspections, if the inspectors do not find any critical inspection item, a CVSA decal will be applied. If they see anything that is violating the norms or if there is a need for a rear impact guard, the CVSA decal will not be provided. The equipment of the violating vehicle will be taken out of service if the conditions do not meet North American Standard requirements.


There are a few things that drivers must provide during this process. They include:


                            • Driver’s license
                            • Certificate of the medical examiner and skill performance evaluation
                            • Record of duty status


Apart from these, the certified inspectors will check whether the drivers are suffering from drug or alcohol impairment, fatigue, or any kind of sickness. They will also monitor for seat belt usage.

Results And Focus From
International Road Check 2021


Here’s a quick recap of last year’s CVSA International Road Check. In 2021, the objectives were to make people aware of lighting categories and hours of service during the roadside inspection. During the road check process, there were almost 9,691 out-of-service vehicle infractions from the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Inspectors issued many out-of-service vehicle violations and among them, lights, tires and braking systems were most notable.


The international Road Check event is intended to raise awareness among drivers regarding vehicle safety criteria. Drivers must adhere to the rules and regulations daily to truly keep the roads safe. If drivers strictly follow the road safety norms, it will certainly deliver positive consequences. For example, it can decrease the number of road accidents and help decrease risks to the lives of all drivers on the roads.

International Road Check 2022


The 2022 International Road Check event is set for May 17th through May 19th. According to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the main emphasis will be on wheel ends.


This heavy truck event will be 72-hours of enforcement and inspection for commercial vehicles, conducted by certified inspectors with significant publicity. This will take place in the United States, Mexico and Canada. These checks will take place at inspection stations, weigh stations, temporary sites for inspections, and roving patrols.


Every year, CVSA gives emphasizes different aspects of the roadside examination. This year, it will be on wheel ends. These components of commercial vehicles support the heavy loads that they usually carry. They provide control and stability. Apart from this, these parts are essential for braking. Wheel end violations have consistently been identified as the top ten vehicle violations by the CVSA.


During the international road checks, the CVSA inspectors follow North American Standard Inspection procedures to examine the motor coaches and large trucks. Along with this, they also examine the credentials and documentation of the drivers. These unified evaluations ensure consistency in enforcement, inspections, and compliance.


The Out-of-Service Criteria of the North American Standard allows inspectors to find any serious out-of-service vehicle infractions. If inspectors find anything wrong or critical violations, they will prohibit the vehicle/driver from traveling until those circumstances are corrected.


If a vehicle does not have any critical violations and passes the Level 5 or Level 1 North American Standard, it will be awarded the CVSA decal. Vehicles flaunting a CVSA sticker will not have to go through the inspection program for the next 3 months.


John Broers, president of the CVSA, says their goal is to have every vehicle running on the highways properly inspected to ensure extreme safety for the drivers and everyone else.

Core Values


While it is a kind of voluntary program that seeks to improve safety by encouraging truckers to know their limits and drive within them. The program encourages the drivers to install features like advanced braking systems and improved aerodynamics that can help save on fuel costs.


The CVSA does not only refer to driver safety. Beyond focusing on safe driving practices, they also encourage environmental responsibility. When a driver reduces fuel consumption, he or she is helping make roadways safer for everyone and everything, including their own wallet.

CVSA Strategic Plan


CVSA fleet safety professionals work with industry leaders to develop and implement an extensive education program. This includes multiple training courses on all aspects of commercial vehicle operation. The result is increased road safety for everyone involved.


By working with regulators at every government level, the CVSA can help members reduce their potential liability through compliance with state and federal regulations. Members also gain a competitive edge by being better-trained drivers with safer vehicles.


Benefits Of Joining The
Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance


There are many benefits to joining this organization. Here are just a few of them:


                • Conferences And Workshops: These meetings provide networking and educational opportunities for the members. They get to learn about new perspectives on transportation safety, share ideas and feedback.
                • Safety Programs: Multiple safety programs come under the curriculum of CVSA. Including the Level VI program, Operation Safe Driver, Operation Airbrake, North American Inspectors, International Road Check, and many more. As part of these safety programs, the CVSA officers audit vehicles and assist in redesigning fleet operations to prevent frequent maintenance problems.
                • Education And Training Materials: CVSA provides a wide range of educational tools, instructional items, and publications that are developed by law enforcement officials and industry professionals.
                • CVSA Networking and Directory Opportunities: A cool aspect of the CVSA is that it offers an up-to-date listing of consultants, manufacturers, trade publishing companies, enforcement agencies, and trucking firms.

Tips To Survive
The Road Check


Hopefully, by now you understand what CVSA International Road Check is all about. Here are some tips that will help you to survive this year’s road check inspections.

                • Get Organized – If you have a lot of documentation, store it all in a folder.
                • Clean The Outside And Interior Of Your Truck – Focus on cleaning the exterior and interior of your truck, especially the sleeper and cab areas.
                • Clear The Air – Drain your truck’s air tanks based on how frequently you typically use the truck’s air.
                • Check The Brakes – Always pay close attention to the brakes when doing vehicle checkups. Brake rotors, drums, and pads should all be inspected.


We hope that you found this information valuable for you and/or your organization. Make sure you’re ready for the 2022 CVSA International Road Check, taking place May 17th – May 19th!

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